Student Feedback - Software Testing

1. What made you choose the course and institute you did? 
I wanted to pursue a course on software testing tools , so that it will be of a great help during my placements. I knew that Metaforum Technologies at Chennai could give me a customized course that I could finish quickly.

2. What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a institute ?
I think a crash course at a institute would help me during my campus placements

3. In what ways has this course value added to your career / personal development? What kind of opportunities would you say this course has presented to you?
I think my Trainer Mrs. Kavitha was kind enough to share real-life examples in the working world, thereby allowing me to embrace the realities of the working world and what kind of person I would be as an employee in a company.

4. How do you manage your time  in college and institute at the same time?
It was a challenge to manage time for college and institute. But my institute had a flexible time slots, so I was able to manage. 
5. Was there anyone who motivated you to take a crash course on testing?
My Professors and Seniors motivated me to take up this course. 
6. How would you describe your experience at Metaforum Technologies?
I could say that my experience at Metaforum Technologies was memorable because I spent most of my time learning various software testing tools hands – on with a live project.  
7. What would be the one thing you’ll say to other / prospective students?
Training in this institute is really hands on with live projects. Trainers are all experienced and motivated to share their knowledge with students.

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